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If you’re considering working as a Giant Panda Volunteer, here are a few tips that will make the experience more rewarding.

Entrance To The Chengdu Research Base: Giant Panda Volunteer

Entrance To The Chengdu Research Base (Photo: Kreisverkehrsampel/Wikimedia Commons. cc by-sa 3.0)

Watching a Giant Panda is one thing but we’ll bet most people would jump at a chance to come much closer to these beautiful creatures in a more natural setting. What about actually caring for and cuddly a baby panda?

Well, if your interest is piqued then this post is for you.

Thanks to the efforts of the Chinese authorities, international governments and people just like you, giant pandas are now edging further away from extinction. But, its a very labor intensive

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Here are a few Giant Panda sanctuaries where you can visit these iconic bears and support conservation efforts too.

Bifengxia Giant Panda Center: Giant Panda Sanctuaries

Baby Panda Feeding At Bifengxia Giant Panda Center: Panda Cubs Are Extremely Delicate (Courtesy: Ami Vitale / National Geographic)

There is no doubt that China is home to a good number of wonders that animal/travel lovers would be delighted to see. These include the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta warriors, and the iconic giant panda.

In fact, the giant panda has grown so much in popularity worldwide that it may be gradually replacing the dragon as the symbol of China.

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